Wk 5-Activity-Counterfactual Identity

who am iThis week’s activity of counterfactual identity was interesting and quite entertaining to do. I loved the fact that we were able to take on a different identity because once I turned into my character of this high-class, valley girl my entire day was no longer the regular day in the life of Emily Bondoc. To begin with, my personality/fashion is very laid back. I don’t mind dressing up, but I always prefer to dress down as much as possible. So taking on my alter ego as high-class, valley girl, I started off my day quite slow to get my eyeliner right and to see which “designer” bag I wanted to use that would compliment my outfit. After getting everything together, I had my little outfit together: jean jacket, short floral printed dress, high-heeled boots, and a Michael Kors handbag. As I headed out of the house, I made a pit stop at Starbucks before making my way to school. It was there where my counterfactual identity first became exposed to other people. Taking on the “valley girl” accent with a little bit of attitude, I ordered my venti passion fruit iced tea sweetened with strawberry. When the barista asked for my name, I briefly explained (in character) to the barista what I was doing for this class. After explaining, I had the barista guess what my name and major is and she went with Rachel majoring in Fashion. Haha totes! 🙂  Once I got to school, I got a lot of curious looks from people when they saw me walking around campus wearing my high-heeled boots with Starbucks in hand. I approached some people and I got names like “Daisy” and “Regina” and “Victoria” with majority thinking I was majoring in Fashion, Communications, or Psychology. It was extremely entertaining to hear the feedback from people when they found out I’m a Business major because you wouldn’t expect a girl in a skimpy dress with high-heeled boots to be taking her life that seriously. This activity really opened my eyes to how stereotypical society has become. Is there a way to change that? We’ll never know, but what we do know is that people will always refer to and will 100% believe in what pop culture has to say about certain individuals in the society we live in.












Wk 5-Artist Interview-Faculty Invitational Exhibition

IMG_0833This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to view the work entitled Excess & Access: The Photographic Condition done by the Faculty Invitational Exhibition. As I was looking at all the photographs, I came across this one in particular. I’m not so sure as to which artist depicted this, but the artist truly shows off the  somber mood  that this photograph gives off due to the simplicity of the photo’s subject. What we see in this picture is a lonely little girl holding onto the glass of the window pane. This art work somehow promotes the idea of how children are vulnerable. Not only that , but the art piece shows that sometimes that adults don’t see when a child is hurting inside & this picture sets as a prime example to that theory.

Overall, i loved this art piece along with the others in the exhibit. The interpretation of all the photos are unlimited and that’s the  best part of having the pleasure to be in the present of their art.


Wk 5-Classmate Conversation-Kelsey Aparicio

IMG_0831Kelsey Aparicio is  the realest person I’ve met in any of the first two minutes I’ve spent in Art class this past week. She is extremely genuine and so I knew that getting to know Kelsey would be loads of fun.

While stopping to enjoy the photography shot set up in one of the galleries, Kelsey told me that she is a 2nd year student who is currently majoring in Kinesiology. She plans on achieving her masters after graduating from CSULB. If that plan doesn’t go through, Kelsey tells me that any job in the field of her degree would do because the pay is great; the matter of finding a job though still stands.

Some fun facts about Kelsey is that she loves talking about ice cream. She told me that she is always at rite aid and so it is hard to resist those yummy flavors. The last time she was at Rite Aid, she got the cotton candy flavored ice cream for the colorful substance and so on. It’s as if ice cream is life to Kelsey, and that just shows how laid back her personality is. Overall, it was nice to get to know Kelsey and I hope to see her around campus more often.

IMG_0829Kelsey’s website: http://kelseyaparicio.com/

Wk 4-Activity-Plaster Casting


Plaster casting this past weekend with the Art110 peeps was so much fun! I went with two of my art friends—Matthew Savedra and Cheyenne Ochoa—to Seal Beach and we all had the opportunity to do our activity with a small portion of the class as we sipped on some of  Glenn’s specially brewed iced tea 🙂 This was such a great experience just to be outside of the classroom setting, and to spend time with your art friends forgetting about all the worries/stress this past week gave us. Learning something new to create at one of my favorite places to be on the weekend puts this art activity at the top of my list! Cannot wait for more beachy activities this class has in store.

Art friends are best friends!

Art friends are best friends!

Waiting for our beautiful creations to take form. So please do enjoy our silliness as we play Heads Up!

Showing off my lovely plaster casting of what was supposed to be my hand, Matthew Savedra strikes a pose with the "Magic Lamp"

Showing off my lovely plaster casting of what was supposed to be my hand, Matthew Savedra strikes a pose with the “Magic Lamp”

Wk 4-Artist Interview-Scott Burns

IMG_5475Compulsively absurd, impulsively ridiculous

This past Thursday, I had the honor of viewing art done by none other than Scott Burns. Stepping into the gallery, I was instantly drawn in by the figure leaning on the wall. The loudness of color and almost awkward position of the sculpture really stood out to me. I almost felt emotionally connected with this art piece in particular due to the vibe I was receiving from it. It’s personality of abstractness and quirkiness resembles the thoughts I feel when I think of my own personality. The very relaxed pose this sculpture takes on most definitely correlates with what I felt that day and I just had to document this sweet moment I shared with one of Scott Burn’s art work. After looking around at his other sculptures in the exhibit, I was able to talk to Scott for a brief moment to commend him on his fabulous works of art. The simplicity of his art gives us viewers such freedom on interpretation, and that is what I enjoyed most about Scott’s work.

IMG_5476         IMG_5474

Wk 4-Classmate Conversation-Oscar Ramirez

oscar ramirezAs I was enjoying the art work of Maccabee Shelley in one of the galleries here at CSULB, I had the pleasure of meeting Oscar Ramirez. Immediately catching my eye with his hilarious graphic tee, I knew it would be a lot of fun to interview this guy. Oscar is a junior here at CSULB and is majoring in Electrical Engineering. He came from Santa Barbara where he attended high school for all 4 years and then 2 years of community college before he came to CSULB to pursue the rest of his college career. We began to talk about how much math sucked in high school and how we both barely passed our math classes. However, Oscar told me that it wasn’t until he went to college that math became second nature to him. He obviously found some sort of passion for the subject seeing that he is now aiming for a career in the field of Electrical Engineering. Oscar plans on getting an internship over at NASA where he later hopes to gain a permanent career working for them.

With all geekiness aside, Oscar tells me that he was very much involved in sports when he was in high school. He did football his freshmen year, but chose to do soccer from sophomore to senior year since soccer was a better fit for him.

Overall, it was really fun getting to know Oscar. He is an extremely friendly, chill, and laid back person. I hope to see him around campus more often! 🙂

Oscar’s website: http://notoscarramirez.wordpress.com/

Wk 3-Activity-Kickstarter Video

I very much enjoyed this week’s activity of viewing and creating a kickstarter video. After viewing many other kickstarter videos, I came across the one entitled “Simple Syrup Kit” by Dan Provost & Tom Gerhardt. I loved the simplicity of their video, and the fact that they had an entertaining factor to their message was what kept me hooked the entire time. I really have much respect for those people who really do participate in making these Kickstarter projects. It is definitely inspiring to watch and I cannot wait for these projects, especially the Simple Syrup Kit, become successful in making these people’s dreams in helping others become their reality.

Here is my attempt at a kickstarter video with two other students also taking Art 110. (Matthew Savedra and Cheyenne Ochoa) ENJOY! 🙂