Wk 1 – Classmate Conversation – Matthew Savedra

matt and emiAs I dove right into my Freshmen year at CSULB, I was determined to meet new people and surround myself with new faces and personalities that walk this very campus. Yet, I still felt a little shaky with this new change because I knew I wouldn’t be surrounded with the same group of friends that understand my quirky personality. But then that all changed when I met Matthew at SOAR back in June. I immediately fell in love with 1) his easy going personality and 2) his exotic last name! (SAAAH-VEEHH-DRRRRAH) 🙂  Getting to know him at SOAR was such a great experience because he was so easy to talk to. Right then and there we instantly bonded over things we have in common, like how we both went to a private school for most of our lives, our pursuits in the Business program seeing that we our both Business majors here at CSULB, and the fact that we both love Chipotle because “Chipotle is life.”

Now that we both have Art 110 together, I was able to get to know Matthew a little bit more better during our gallery walk this past Thursday. Matthew claims to be a boring person, but he is most definitely not! This Miley Cyrus and Chipotle loving human being comes up with some of the most interesting and straightforward interpretations of art I have ever heard. Not only that, but Matthew is witty with his words and brilliant with comebacks to the point where I can never keep up with his adorably, sassy ways because it is just too good. However, beneath all the sass and what seems like tough love he tends to gives off, Matthew is one of those guys who is sweet to the touch and you definitely cannot get enough of him. I am seriously blessed to have found a friend like Matthew here at CSULB. He is the first friend I have made on campus and I’m excited to see where this wonderful friendship we have has in store for us.      

Matthew Savedra snapping a photo of April Bey's "Who Do You Worship?" art piece hanging in one of CSULB's art galleries.

“Miley Cyrus is the bae.” -Matthew Savedra

Matthew’s site: http://matthewsavedra.wordpress.com/


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