Wk 1- GLAMFA Artist – Pilar Gallego

Teen Idol, James Franco

Teen Idol, James Franco

This past week I came across this art piece entitled “Teen Idol, James Franco” done by Pilar Gallego. It is clear that this artist takes interest in the idea of identification in pop culture. Pilar seems to show that by taking the image of a well known celebrity with his head cut off we no longer have the face to the name. Adored by his fans for only his looks, James Franco without his beautiful face just depicts an ordinary man wearing a disheveled shirt. However, if you take it on the flip side, Pilar may be trying to point out the idea of focusing on what people really look at when they see pictures of James Franco. Many people praise him for his “hot body” and by presenting this image like a poster hung on the wall of some teenager’s room, it brings this idea full circle further proving that in today’s society teens are becoming superficial in their likings of body types they look for in others or themselves.

I very much enjoyed this art work because it is something that opens the minds of teens my age about the topic of superficiality and how very real it is when one wants to be accepted in society. By showing the chopped off portion of his head as butchered meat, the idea that what you look like from the neck up doesn’t matter in this day in age because it has been butchered enough by the eyes of the judgmental, so the only way to fix yourself is to make your body in the form of the celebrity you idolize on a daily basis.

more on Pilar Gallego: http://nomorepotlucks.org/site/realness/ OR  http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/Gallego_2014.html


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