Wk 2-Activity-Photography (Instagram)

instagram headerThis week in Art 110, I was very excited to take part in our giant group selfie on Instagram. I personally love using Instagram on a daily basis because it is such a great way to connect with others by sharing how you feel and what you are doing at the very moment it is happening just through one single snapshot of your life. While looking at all the pictures under the hash tag “art110f14”, I realized how similar my daily routine is when compared to the others who are taking this class. Even though we are all different people, we all go through almost the same routines everyday. What was also quite interesting is how well I can relate with those who express their feelings in their Instagram posts over a span of a day. Whether we are feeling hungry and run down or pumped up and excited, we all have the common interest of documenting our similar lifestyles through social media to ultimately connect with those people who take interest in getting to know you better. These posts along with many other Instagram posts outside of #art110f14 make me feel more in touch with the people whom I encounter on a daily basis. Sometimes without knowing it, these posts strengthen the relationships between those who come from different ends of the spectrum; friendships become stronger and getting to know a person you just met at the art gallery becomes more interactive as you get to know them more through several snapshots of their life.

instagram 4 instagram 2

instagram 3 instagram 1



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