Wk 2-Classmate Conversation-Cheyenne Ochoa

IMG_5286This past week I had the pleasure of meeting another one of my Art 110 classmates, Ms. Cheyenne Ochoa. Immediately catching my eye with her lovely blue, polka dot shirt and complimenting her on it afterwards, Cheyenne and I then decided to break the ice by making some introductions. It was then when I discovered that Cheyenne first resided in Diamond Bar and then moved to Corona. She attended Centennial High School and seems quite content attending CSULB after applying to and hearing back from many other colleges (such as USC). She is majoring in Film and so choosing CSULB was no big deal because if Spielberg went here and made it big, why can’t she?! I know she can do it! 

While telling me about her high school years, she told me that she was very much involved with an organization called “Upward Bound” which is a program that helps students pursue higher education through SAT prep and other prep that would help the individual through college. Cheyenne plans on joining the Upward Bound program here at CSULB. She is most definitely going to accomplish so much . Kudos to you, Cheyenne!

Not only that, but as we were walking through the galleries I also learned that Cheyenne and I both have a passion for traveling and seeing/exploring the world. We both were fortunate enough to have traveled to London just recently and so we spent most of the time sharing our European travel experiences. She plans on traveling to Paris and other parts of Europe this coming 2015, and I am so excited to hear all about her future travels.

Cheyenne seems like a really sweet and down to earth person; I cannot wait to get to know her better this year in art 110.

Go and follow this Directioner: https://cheyennenochoa.wordpress.com/


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