Wk 2-GLAMFA Artist- April Bey

IMG_5287As I was doing my gallery walk this past Thursday, I came across one of April Bey’s pieces entitled “Trash Vs. Trash”. I found this art piece very interesting seeing that it covers a few sensitive topics in today’s pop culture. Bey organized her work in a form of a video that flashes pictures of Caucasian women and women of color posing for the camera in a very seductive and raunchy manner. It’s almost offensive, but at the same time Bey is making a point that in today’s society some women are becoming too much in trying to grab other people’s attention. It’s almost as if she’s trying to open the eyes of these women and to the world around us that regardless of race/color, the behavior amongst these women have become equally very loud and almost not attractive to others. While it is great that women have become very confident with their bodies, they must remember the pure essence of class and sophistication.

Bey even pictures the very famous Miley Cyrus to show how big of an influence her new image is to the women that look to her as an idol. This further proves her point of how unappealing some of the women of the 21st century has become. I personally give props to April Bey for putting together a piece like this. It was very brave of her to do so and I truly admire her as an artist and as an advocate for all womankind. 


To view April Bey’s piece “Trash Vs. Trash” click here: http://www.april-bey.com/trash-vs-trash.html

More on April Bey: http://www.april-bey.com/


One thought on “Wk 2-GLAMFA Artist- April Bey

  1. Well hello! This is April Bey, I’m honored you wrote about my work, thank you for the support and for coming out to see the work. Great unpacking of the work, you hit it right on the head.


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