Wk 3-Artist Interview-Christopher Vavrek (Vav Vavrek)

IMG_5394server and protect the virus [too big to succeed]

IMG_5395 IMG_5396 IMG_5397 IMG_5398 IMG_5399 IMG_5400This week, I had the honor to see one of Christopher Vavrek’s—also known as Vav Vavrek— art pieces entitled server and protect the virus [too big to succeed]. When I first stepped foot in the gallery that held is art, I immediately felt the mood in the atmosphere change. It became dark and almost like a scary maze that was about to unfold in front of my eyes. However, my mind became very open to what his message was here. All the items in his art piece come from a collection of what seems like the artist’s memories. Once you go deeper into his art piece, an almost nostalgic feel hits you when you see the old computer screens and towers of old VHS tapes. I felt that Vavrek’s art work was well put together to show the evolution of one’s memories. Not only that, but his art work seems to also show that these items of technology are now considered outdated and not cared for by depicting these items in a very run down fashioned. These “old” items are gathered together in jumbles of what I consider an “organized mess”. All the computers go here and the filmstrips go there, but they are all jumbled together in separate piles. This clearly shows the mind of the artist and how he feels about his collections of memories. Overall, I very much appreciated this art work done by Vavrek because of its uniqueness and its endless interpretations. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get to interview Vavrek himself to expound more on what he really means by his art work, but I still was able to enjoy it fully even though I did not fully understand the artist’s meaning. This is by far one of my favorite art pieces CSULB has featured up until now and I cannot wait to view more art done by many other artists like Vav Vavrek.


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