Wk 3-Classmate Conversation-Yesenia Chavez

IMG_5393Yet another week of meeting new people in my Art 110 class. This week I was able to meet Yesenia Chavez. After hearing her unique name, I knew that I would have fun interviewing Yesenia. Apparently, her mom wanted to name all her children with a name that started with the letter Y. So viola! Yesenia was born.

Yesenia lives and commutes from Downey, and attended Warren High School. Coming into CSULB, Yesenia chose her major as undeclared. However she is now looking into majoring in Film. She told me about all the cool and interesting things the film classes her high school offered, and she now has the drive to do something of that nature.

As I was getting to know Yesenia better, I found out that she comes from a full family. She has a mom, dad, and an older sister who is 3 years older than her. It was so much fun talking about our families because Yesenia shared with me a story from when she was little and what she would tell her mom every time her mom talked about Yesenia’s future. Her mom would bring up the idea of taking up nursing, but she would disagree and say due to her love of rock music, “Mom, when I grow up, catch me at the beach playing my guitar.” Overall, Yesenia was very easy to talk to when it came to walking through the galleries and interpreting the art before us, because of her laid back nature. It was such a nice way to get to know more about the other people in this class, and to hear what others have to say about art in general.

P.S. Another thing I learned about Yesenia is that she really loves to eat Chinese food! So if you want to really make her happy, bring her some BBQ pork and call it a day. (:

Yesenia’s website: http://yeseniachavez.com/


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