Wk 4-Artist Interview-Scott Burns

IMG_5475Compulsively absurd, impulsively ridiculous

This past Thursday, I had the honor of viewing art done by none other than Scott Burns. Stepping into the gallery, I was instantly drawn in by the figure leaning on the wall. The loudness of color and almost awkward position of the sculpture really stood out to me. I almost felt emotionally connected with this art piece in particular due to the vibe I was receiving from it. It’s personality of abstractness and quirkiness resembles the thoughts I feel when I think of my own personality. The very relaxed pose this sculpture takes on most definitely correlates with what I felt that day and I just had to document this sweet moment I shared with one of Scott Burn’s art work. After looking around at his other sculptures in the exhibit, I was able to talk to Scott for a brief moment to commend him on his fabulous works of art. The simplicity of his art gives us viewers such freedom on interpretation, and that is what I enjoyed most about Scott’s work.

IMG_5476         IMG_5474


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