Wk 5-Artist Interview-Faculty Invitational Exhibition

IMG_0833This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to view the work entitled Excess & Access: The Photographic Condition done by the Faculty Invitational Exhibition. As I was looking at all the photographs, I came across this one in particular. I’m not so sure as to which artist depicted this, but the artist truly shows off the  somber mood  that this photograph gives off due to the simplicity of the photo’s subject. What we see in this picture is a lonely little girl holding onto the glass of the window pane. This art work somehow promotes the idea of how children are vulnerable. Not only that , but the art piece shows that sometimes that adults don’t see when a child is hurting inside & this picture sets as a prime example to that theory.

Overall, i loved this art piece along with the others in the exhibit. The interpretation of all the photos are unlimited and that’s the  best part of having the pleasure to be in the present of their art.



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