Wk 9-Artist Conversation-Andre Stevenson

IMG_5727Viewing all of this week’s art pieces in the galleries this past Thursday, this piece done by Andre Stevenson caught my eye immediately. This is due to the fact that this gallery was promoting “rejected and unfavorably criticized work”. To further this promotion, Stevenson depicted this image of skeleton sporting a rock-n-roll look. This image of the skeleton speaks out very loudly about the genre of rock-n-roll and how iconic this genre is in today’s society. First of all, there are very few who appreciate rock-n-roll because of how depressing and rebellious the music comes across. So to see this idea depicted of how old this genre is and how the skeleton’s head is being exploded from all the stress that it encounters from all the criticizing and rejection of love from potential fans really digs up the history of the past of the genre and those who really lived that rock-n-roll life. Stevenson did a top job in depicting this and I would love to see more of his artwork in the future galleries to come.


Wk 9-Classmate Conversation-Kamani Falls

IMG_5722This week I met Kamani Falls of Cerritos, CA. She is a third year here at CSULB and has decided to major in Child Development with a minor in Business in hopes that one day she can open up her own daycare later on in the future. Kamani was so easy to talk to, which made the interview run very smoothly. Learning that she also hails and commutes from Cerritos, Kamani found out some other similar things that we have in common like the fact that we both went to the rival schools in our area. Kamani went to Gahr HS while I went to Cerritos HS. The rivalry between our schools is extremely overwhelming, and either one of us can testify to that, especially Kamani seeing that she was a cheerleader for all four years of high school. Not only that, but being the cheerleader she it, Kamani is a cheer coach for the LA All-Star team where she coaches 3-5 year olds. When asking her about her cheer career Kamani agreed that “once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader”. Kamani has been in cheer for almost all her life and just blossomed in the program exponentially. She loves performing and she definitely loves sharing her love of cheer to the younger generations.

Also, I discovered that Kamani is currently working at Jamba Juice, but is trying to look for another job because she feels that the job doesn’t pay enough for the things they make their employees do. So taking initiative, she is branching out to a job that is more towards retail than dealing with boxes of fruits and vegetables. All in all, it was lots of fun interviewing Kamani and I hope all the best in her future pursuits because I know she can do anything she puts her mind to! 🙂

Kamani’s website: http://imkamanii.wordpress.com/

Wk 8-Activity-EPortfolio



For my Eportfolio, I have decided to go from a basic site where I simply turned in my Art110 homework to a site where I am able to share my love of traveling and my aspirations of experiencing new cultures. I hope to use this site to expand on my networking with any other travel junkies out there who share the same passion of just seeing the beauty of the world as it is through vlogs posted on social media and other such mediums. I enjoyed customizing my site and plan on using this site for my future travels. Stay tuned!



Wk 8-Artist Conversation-Yingying Fu

IMG_5643This piece of art done by Yingying Fu captures the pure essence of the living personalities of the residents of the “Golden Coast”. I personally appreciate the way she envisions these people soaking up the Californian sun. Her brushstrokes are relaxed which already puts the viewer at a sort of calmness when taking in her art piece. Not only that, but her choices of color are very warm and it radiates the already peaceful scenario she is depicting.

Overall, Fu creates a very classy vintage look to the enjoyment of the Californian sun and I do hope to see more of her work in the future exhibits to come.

For more on Yingying Fu: http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/fu_2014.html

Wk 8-Classsmate Interview-Sandra Menjivar

IMG_5640Here we are in week 8 of Art110 and I have met yet another friend in this lovely class this past Thursday. Her name is Sandra Menjivar and she is a first year here at CSULB like myself. As we got on with the basic questions, I discovered that Sandra and I have a lot in common! We both come from the Cerritos/Artesia area, attend the same parish, attended the rival schools in our area (I went to Cerritos High while Sandra went to Gahr High), and we both have one friend in common that we both love oh so much! Small world. 🙂 Having breaking the ice in that way, Sandra continues to tell me that she is currently undeclared as her major, but is looking towards to major in Education. She hopes to maybe become a High School teacher, which I hope she does pursue because just by getting to know Sandra during that class period, I can sense that she is the type of person who can do and succeed in whatever she puts her mind to! Not only that, but Sandra also told me that she works on the CSULB campus in the ALI (American Language Institute) department. Her job seems pretty amazing because she gets paid to simply talk to these people who come to study here in America. You go, girl~

On her free time Sandra enjoys running and biking. Basically anything that will keep her fit and active throughout the day. I also discovered that we are both currently taking the same history class that we find a bit difficult, but I know we can clutch this class f’sho. haha Anyways, it was honestly so much fun getting to know Sandra. She is so easy to talk to and I hope we are able to talk more out of class about our similar bonds with our families and other things we have in common.

Sandra’s website: https://sandrmenjivar.wordpress.com/

Wk 7-Artist Interview-Kenita Hale


Inside “The After Party”

I had the pleasure to view Kenita Hale’s art piece entitled “The After Party” this past week in the Max L. Gatov Gallery here at CSULB. This picturesque piece that memorializes people with medical conditions really connected with me on an emotional level. The fact that she places these “tombstones” in a circus tent really speaks out about what society says about those with special medical conditions. Especially those conditions that impairs a person physically which leads to also impairing them emotionally. With candles as the only source of light, you are standing in her art piece in almost pure darkness making it hard to even get to view the details about those being memorialized on the tombstones. Not only that, but by standing in that darkness, this piece gives you a sense of how those with these medical conditions felt when others looked down upon them.

Overall, this art piece has to be my favorite one so far, and I am very interested to see what Kenita Hale will do next in her art career with her ever so creative mind.

Here is Kenita Hale basking in the glory of her work:

kenita haleFor more on Kenita Hale follow her on Tumblr!  http://kenita-palatute.tumblr.com/

Wk 7-Classmate Conversation-Fahad Hassan

IMG_0895This week in Art 110, I met the oh so enjoyable Fahad Hassan. Fahad is a Sophomore here at CSULB and is majoring in Business Accounting. He seems to have his life pretty much figured out and because of that, I have much respect for Fahad because he seems to have and know all the things that will help him succeed for the future that follows.

Fahad is a commuter, like myself, and currently works in the arrivals area over at LAX international airport. When I asked him about his job, Fahad told me that he really loves it because he gets to meet and see new people every time he works. I honestly think Fahad’s job is AHH-MAZING because he was able to meet Megan Fox and other celebrities while working his shift a few weeks ago. So jealous! 🙂

Besides work, Fahad is a very laid back person in that he enjoys doing hookah with his friends on his free time. Walking through the galleries and just spending time with Fahad was so much fun because of his very relaxed personality. Overall, he is a great person and I hope we get to know each other more through this class.

Fahad’s website: http://hassanfahad08.wordpress.com/