Wk 6-Activity-Drawing

IMG_5586I really enjoyed this week’s activity of drawing our “selfies” on the French Girls app. It was so much fun drawing other people and seeing how other people would draw me. I honestly am not the best drawer, but I did draw to the best of my ability to draw other people. From doing this activity, I have realized that there are people out there that really capture every detail in a picture and draw each of those details as it is in the picture. On the other hand, we have people like me who draw what they think a nose looks like or what an eye looks like rather than how it really looks in the actual picture. As simple as this activity was, it was one of those activities that really opened up my insight on how people interpret the things they see. Overall, I had a grand time drawing selfies and now am currently somewhat addicted to this French Girls app. Yay for having something fun and interactive to do in my spare time!

My artwork of other people's selfies. Magnifique!

My artwork of other people’s selfies. Magnifique!


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