Wk 6-Artist Interview-Angel G. Franco, Isaiah Ulloa, Juan Martin (Labyrinth)

IMG_0866This past week I was able to view a chilling new art exhibit over at one of the galleries here at CSULB. The art work, done by three amazing artists, is entitled “Labyrinth”. I found this piece fairly interesting due to the atmospheric feel of the exhibit. Right when you walk in you can feel that it is several degrees cooler than usual. This is done in order to set the mood of the snowy figures and Arctic animals. It is as if this art piece is capturing moments and events in some sort of story that is unfolding before our eyes. In a sense, this exhibit was interactive to the point where it manipulates with your senses and your perception of such things due to the temperature of the gallery and the art pieces that are involved. Basing the piece off its name, you truly are taken on some sort of “maze” because you don’t know where to start or end to grasp the true concept of the flow of each individual piece. Overall, this exhibit was enjoyable and extremely fun to look at. These artists really know how to pull off something so simple to look like something that is unique and original. Kudos to them!

More on one of the artists:

For Juan Martin like his page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JuanMartinArt/timeline


More of the art work in this exhibit.


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