Wk 6-Classmate Conversation-Evan Huang

IMG_5565This week in Art110, I had the pleasure of meeting Evan Huang. Right off the bat I had no problem talking to Evan because of his really relaxed demeanor. Kicking it off with the usual questions of “what year are you?” and “what is your major?”, I discovered that Evan is a 2nd year student here at CSULB and is majoring in Criminal Justice. A man of the law that he is, Evan told me that somewhere down the road he hopes to attend law school which will hopefully open up amazing career options for him.

Besides academics and such, Evan then told me that he is from Temple City and dorms over at the Parkside dorms. Not many people from his high school came to CSULB, so dorming close to campus has seemed to give him the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. I think that’s pretty cool since I am all about meeting new people and experiencing new things on a daily basis.

Not only that, but I also found out that Evan is a very active person. On his spare time, Evan enjoys running, camping, and other activities that involve him getting out and getting active. I would not deny the fact that he enjoys such things seeing that he was very much involved in the tennis program for most of his high school career.

After much discussion, I began to get hungry and started telling Evan my love for Chipotle and boba. He then told me about all the great boba places I should try. To be honest, I’m eternally grateful for meeting Evan because now I can expand my love for boba to new places. 🙂 Speaking of food, Evan tells me that he enjoys eating Taiwanese food and Pizza Hut. It was fun talking to Evan and I hope to see him more often around campus so that we can talk more about other food places to try.

Evan’s website: http://evanshuang.com/


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