Wk 7-Artist Interview-Kenita Hale


Inside “The After Party”

I had the pleasure to view Kenita Hale’s art piece entitled “The After Party” this past week in the Max L. Gatov Gallery here at CSULB. This picturesque piece that memorializes people with medical conditions really connected with me on an emotional level. The fact that she places these “tombstones” in a circus tent really speaks out about what society says about those with special medical conditions. Especially those conditions that impairs a person physically which leads to also impairing them emotionally. With candles as the only source of light, you are standing in her art piece in almost pure darkness making it hard to even get to view the details about those being memorialized on the tombstones. Not only that, but by standing in that darkness, this piece gives you a sense of how those with these medical conditions felt when others looked down upon them.

Overall, this art piece has to be my favorite one so far, and I am very interested to see what Kenita Hale will do next in her art career with her ever so creative mind.

Here is Kenita Hale basking in the glory of her work:

kenita haleFor more on Kenita Hale follow her on Tumblr!  http://kenita-palatute.tumblr.com/


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