Wk 7-Classmate Conversation-Fahad Hassan

IMG_0895This week in Art 110, I met the oh so enjoyable Fahad Hassan. Fahad is a Sophomore here at CSULB and is majoring in Business Accounting. He seems to have his life pretty much figured out and because of that, I have much respect for Fahad because he seems to have and know all the things that will help him succeed for the future that follows.

Fahad is a commuter, like myself, and currently works in the arrivals area over at LAX international airport. When I asked him about his job, Fahad told me that he really loves it because he gets to meet and see new people every time he works. I honestly think Fahad’s job is AHH-MAZING because he was able to meet Megan Fox and other celebrities while working his shift a few weeks ago. So jealous! 🙂

Besides work, Fahad is a very laid back person in that he enjoys doing hookah with his friends on his free time. Walking through the galleries and just spending time with Fahad was so much fun because of his very relaxed personality. Overall, he is a great person and I hope we get to know each other more through this class.

Fahad’s website: http://hassanfahad08.wordpress.com/


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