Wk 8-Classsmate Interview-Sandra Menjivar

IMG_5640Here we are in week 8 of Art110 and I have met yet another friend in this lovely class this past Thursday. Her name is Sandra Menjivar and she is a first year here at CSULB like myself. As we got on with the basic questions, I discovered that Sandra and I have a lot in common! We both come from the Cerritos/Artesia area, attend the same parish, attended the rival schools in our area (I went to Cerritos High while Sandra went to Gahr High), and we both have one friend in common that we both love oh so much! Small world. 🙂 Having breaking the ice in that way, Sandra continues to tell me that she is currently undeclared as her major, but is looking towards to major in Education. She hopes to maybe become a High School teacher, which I hope she does pursue because just by getting to know Sandra during that class period, I can sense that she is the type of person who can do and succeed in whatever she puts her mind to! Not only that, but Sandra also told me that she works on the CSULB campus in the ALI (American Language Institute) department. Her job seems pretty amazing because she gets paid to simply talk to these people who come to study here in America. You go, girl~

On her free time Sandra enjoys running and biking. Basically anything that will keep her fit and active throughout the day. I also discovered that we are both currently taking the same history class that we find a bit difficult, but I know we can clutch this class f’sho. haha Anyways, it was honestly so much fun getting to know Sandra. She is so easy to talk to and I hope we are able to talk more out of class about our similar bonds with our families and other things we have in common.

Sandra’s website: https://sandrmenjivar.wordpress.com/


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