Wk 9-Artist Conversation-Andre Stevenson

IMG_5727Viewing all of this week’s art pieces in the galleries this past Thursday, this piece done by Andre Stevenson caught my eye immediately. This is due to the fact that this gallery was promoting “rejected and unfavorably criticized work”. To further this promotion, Stevenson depicted this image of skeleton sporting a rock-n-roll look. This image of the skeleton speaks out very loudly about the genre of rock-n-roll and how iconic this genre is in today’s society. First of all, there are very few who appreciate rock-n-roll because of how depressing and rebellious the music comes across. So to see this idea depicted of how old this genre is and how the skeleton’s head is being exploded from all the stress that it encounters from all the criticizing and rejection of love from potential fans really digs up the history of the past of the genre and those who really lived that rock-n-roll life. Stevenson did a top job in depicting this and I would love to see more of his artwork in the future galleries to come.

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