Wk 10-Activity-Landscapes

DSCF3063My death. I really don’t know how I picture myself dying and I really don’t want to think about that, but if I were to choose where to die it would be here at this resort in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i. For a good chunk of my childhood and even now, I was always that kid who had to hit up the hotel pool every time my family would go on vacation. Every hotel has a different theme to their pool. Whether it be a generic pool setting or a pool set up as your little slice of paradise, I’ve always loved how the pool area can bring guests, checked in at a resort/hotel, together in one place to have an additional outlet to further experience their relaxation on their trip. This past vacation to Hawaii with the family was probably the utmost relaxing trip thanks to the timeshare/resort we stayed at. The resort had so many relaxing accommodations for their guests from the spa/pool area to the feeling of being at home in our little “hale” AKA the room we stayed in. It was relaxing to that point that I never felt so content in my life. So if my last view of the world would be the Hawaiian sky and palm trees swaying to the sound of the steel drums playing in the background, then so be it.

Location: Wyndham Kona Hawaiian Resort


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