Wk 10-Classmate Conversation-Bowas Yang


LOL “she wasn’t ready” (=

For week 10, I had the opportunity to meet the ever so interesting Bowas Yang. He is a first year here at CSULB and is currently majoring in Film. The reason for picking such a major is due to the fact that he “loves making movies and the art of allusion.” With that sort of response, I was automatically hooked and continued to ask him more about his film work. Bowas told me that he has done a couple of films that are posted on his site and the themes for each film pretty much range according to his mood or what he feels like putting together. He recently did a documentary that took place at Venice Beach and was about one of his friends who has the utmost appreciation of street art. Watch his film here! http://bowasyang.com/category/film/

Other than his film background, I found out that Bowas is a commuter just like myself and used to live in Cerritos. (Small world!) He attended Sunnyhills HS and enjoys playing guitar and listening to music on his spare time. After much discussion, Bowas and his friend Chris captivated me with a deep talk about Art. I really had a great time talking to Bowas and I really do hope all the best for him as he ventures off in being successful in the film industry.

Bowas’s site: http://bowasyang.com/


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