Wk 11-Classmate Conversation-Christian Espinoza

christianFor wk 11, I chose to interview the ever so intelligent and talented Christian Espinoza. He is a first year here at CSULB and is majoring in English Rhetoric. Being the scholar that he is it was no shocker to hear that AP Literature was a breeze for him. He enjoys analyzing literature and is very noble about his choice of major. I then asked him if his site is more focused on literature and promoting his thoughts regarding that field of study. Chris told me that his website is more for Art 110 stuff, but he would like to put personal stuff like his music. I had no idea this guy would be into music, but he enjoys playing guitar and he can sing! I really do hope Chris pursues such an idea, because you never know what he can make out of his hobby. I know he can do it (:

Other than that, I found out that Chris and I both have one thing in common and it was that we both commute to CSULB. He attended Narbonne High School, and is overall a really laid back guy. He was super easy and fun to talk to. Towards the end of our interview, we engaged in a really deep talk about Art with his other friend Bowas and I was very impressed with his mature thoughts on such a matter. I hope I do get to see Christian more outside of class. I wish him all the best in his future pursuits in English Rhetoric and anything else that comes his way in life.

Christian’s website: http://chrisespinoza.com/


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