Wk 15-Artist Conversation-Troy Rounseville

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This week in the galleries, I had a hard time picking which one to do, but then I came across Troy Rounseville’s artwork. With all the fancy wiring to make these musical contraptions function really captivated me and made me wonder what inspired this artist to create this beautiful piece of art. I wondered to myself if each instrument was supposed to make out a song in broken patterns, but who knows. Because I was so wrapped up in immersing myself in Rounseville’s work, I had no time to personally talk to him. However, if I were able to talk to this artist I would tell him how much I truly enjoyed his work and ask him all the thoughts that came to my mind as I was viewing his work. Top job, Troy Rounseville. Keep it up!


Wk 15-Classmate Conversation-Shannon Choi

IMG_0148This past week I had the pleasure meeting the ever so bubbly Shannon Choi. She is a first year here at CSULB and is majoring in Communications. Her major suits her very well and, without a doubt, I do see Shannon succeeding in this field of work with her very warm personality and approachable sense of humor. We discussed her major more in detail and her insight on how she wanted to do communications because she enjoys the whole psychology process behind marketing and such was very interesting and very much shows her passion for her future career.

Besides all of the academic stuff, I learned that Shannon enjoys knitting and singing on her spare time. Shannon comes from the city of Valencia and went to Valencia High School. Because Valencia is a bit of a drive from Long Beach, she dorms and says that she enjoys dorming here very much. Overall, Shannon was so much fun to talk to and I cannot wait to hear more about her in the future. (:

Shannon’s website: shannonchoi.wordpress.com