Wk 15-Artist Conversation-Troy Rounseville

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This week in the galleries, I had a hard time picking which one to do, but then I came across Troy Rounseville’s artwork. With all the fancy wiring to make these musical contraptions function really captivated me and made me wonder what inspired this artist to create this beautiful piece of art. I wondered to myself if each instrument was supposed to make out a song in broken patterns, but who knows. Because I was so wrapped up in immersing myself in Rounseville’s work, I had no time to personally talk to him. However, if I were able to talk to this artist I would tell him how much I truly enjoyed his work and ask him all the thoughts that came to my mind as I was viewing his work. Top job, Troy Rounseville. Keep it up!


Wk 15-Classmate Conversation-Shannon Choi

IMG_0148This past week I had the pleasure meeting the ever so bubbly Shannon Choi. She is a first year here at CSULB and is majoring in Communications. Her major suits her very well and, without a doubt, I do see Shannon succeeding in this field of work with her very warm personality and approachable sense of humor. We discussed her major more in detail and her insight on how she wanted to do communications because she enjoys the whole psychology process behind marketing and such was very interesting and very much shows her passion for her future career.

Besides all of the academic stuff, I learned that Shannon enjoys knitting and singing on her spare time. Shannon comes from the city of Valencia and went to Valencia High School. Because Valencia is a bit of a drive from Long Beach, she dorms and says that she enjoys dorming here very much. Overall, Shannon was so much fun to talk to and I cannot wait to hear more about her in the future. (:

Shannon’s website: shannonchoi.wordpress.com

Wk 11-Activity-Student Choice

Hawaii 2014 trailer #emilystravels !

This past week I was on the Big Island of Kona in Hawaii with the family celebrating my cousin Niki’s wedding. It was such a relaxing week of getting away from the stress at school, at work, and just life in general. Not only that, but it was so much fun bonding with family members I haven’t even seen in years. Seeing that side of the family and reconnecting with them made me realize how extremely blessed and happy to have such a large and loving family. I loved every moment of it, but I am also glad to be home. More on this wonderful vacay to come. Stay tuned (:


#emilystravels @ Black Sand Beach in Kona, Hawaii.

Wk 11-Classmate Conversation-Christian Espinoza

christianFor wk 11, I chose to interview the ever so intelligent and talented Christian Espinoza. He is a first year here at CSULB and is majoring in English Rhetoric. Being the scholar that he is it was no shocker to hear that AP Literature was a breeze for him. He enjoys analyzing literature and is very noble about his choice of major. I then asked him if his site is more focused on literature and promoting his thoughts regarding that field of study. Chris told me that his website is more for Art 110 stuff, but he would like to put personal stuff like his music. I had no idea this guy would be into music, but he enjoys playing guitar and he can sing! I really do hope Chris pursues such an idea, because you never know what he can make out of his hobby. I know he can do it (:

Other than that, I found out that Chris and I both have one thing in common and it was that we both commute to CSULB. He attended Narbonne High School, and is overall a really laid back guy. He was super easy and fun to talk to. Towards the end of our interview, we engaged in a really deep talk about Art with his other friend Bowas and I was very impressed with his mature thoughts on such a matter. I hope I do get to see Christian more outside of class. I wish him all the best in his future pursuits in English Rhetoric and anything else that comes his way in life.

Christian’s website: http://chrisespinoza.com/

Wk 10-Activity-Landscapes

DSCF3063My death. I really don’t know how I picture myself dying and I really don’t want to think about that, but if I were to choose where to die it would be here at this resort in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i. For a good chunk of my childhood and even now, I was always that kid who had to hit up the hotel pool every time my family would go on vacation. Every hotel has a different theme to their pool. Whether it be a generic pool setting or a pool set up as your little slice of paradise, I’ve always loved how the pool area can bring guests, checked in at a resort/hotel, together in one place to have an additional outlet to further experience their relaxation on their trip. This past vacation to Hawaii with the family was probably the utmost relaxing trip thanks to the timeshare/resort we stayed at. The resort had so many relaxing accommodations for their guests from the spa/pool area to the feeling of being at home in our little “hale” AKA the room we stayed in. It was relaxing to that point that I never felt so content in my life. So if my last view of the world would be the Hawaiian sky and palm trees swaying to the sound of the steel drums playing in the background, then so be it.

Location: Wyndham Kona Hawaiian Resort

Wk 10-Artist Conversation-Dana Fleming

wk 10 art collageWeek 10’s art blog post is dedicated to Dana Fleming’s art piece entitled “Snap Crackle Pop”. I found her artwork very captivating because of how she took very simple objects—materials she found at a thrift store— and made them stand out and gorgeous for fellow art viewers to see. Her concept of her curiosity of objects and her exploration of the fiscal and aesthetic value of an object is very intriguing and eye opening for a viewer like me. Her artwork speaks the meaning of her idea of superficiality and that is everything we see today in pop culture. Overall her piece is one of a kind and I do hope she continues on with art work similar to this.

Wk 10-Classmate Conversation-Bowas Yang


LOL “she wasn’t ready” (=

For week 10, I had the opportunity to meet the ever so interesting Bowas Yang. He is a first year here at CSULB and is currently majoring in Film. The reason for picking such a major is due to the fact that he “loves making movies and the art of allusion.” With that sort of response, I was automatically hooked and continued to ask him more about his film work. Bowas told me that he has done a couple of films that are posted on his site and the themes for each film pretty much range according to his mood or what he feels like putting together. He recently did a documentary that took place at Venice Beach and was about one of his friends who has the utmost appreciation of street art. Watch his film here! http://bowasyang.com/category/film/

Other than his film background, I found out that Bowas is a commuter just like myself and used to live in Cerritos. (Small world!) He attended Sunnyhills HS and enjoys playing guitar and listening to music on his spare time. After much discussion, Bowas and his friend Chris captivated me with a deep talk about Art. I really had a great time talking to Bowas and I really do hope all the best for him as he ventures off in being successful in the film industry.

Bowas’s site: http://bowasyang.com/