Day 2: April 18, 2014

Day 2. 

Here we are. Stay tuned #emilystravels 


Sneak Peek to TheBondocsinHawaii2014 vlogs!

ALOHA! I was in the lovely island of Kona, Hawaii for the past week with the family to attend my cousin Niki’s wedding. It was such a relaxing week of getting away from the stress at school, at work, and just life in general. Not only that, but it was so much fun bonding with family members I haven’t even seen in years. Seeing that side of the family and reconnecting with them made me realize how extremely blessed and happy to have such a large and loving family. I loved every moment of it, but I am also glad to be home. Here is a little snippet of our travels. More on this wonderful vacay to come. Stay tuned (:


#emilystravels @ Black Sand Beach in Kona, Hawaii.

Wk 8-Activity-EPortfolio



For my Eportfolio, I have decided to go from a basic site where I simply turned in my Art110 homework to a site where I am able to share my love of traveling and my aspirations of experiencing new cultures. I hope to use this site to expand on my networking with any other travel junkies out there who share the same passion of just seeing the beauty of the world as it is through vlogs posted on social media and other such mediums. I enjoyed customizing my site and plan on using this site for my future travels. Stay tuned!